How to propose and plan a casevac night?

Hi guys,
I’ve been trying to think of some parade night ideas I could propose to my boss, and stumbled across a casualty recovery exercise on the ACC Drive.
I’m an IFA Cadet, and thought great! This is a good way to get cadets engaged in first aid, and it’s a good greensy activity.
On my course, casevac was briefly mentioned (it was also mentioned it had some scary paperwork), and I’ve definetly seen some casevac being done on one sqns socials before, so I know it’s been done at a sqn level before, but I can’t really seem to find anything about it online.
Does anybody know any requirements that are needed to run a casevac night, or any restrictions? I want to have all the facts before I go in to my OC.

Years ago we had older cadets use their cars and simulate first aid treatments for common injuries involved in an RTC. Obviously all within reason but common things such as confusion, some minor cuts, broken limbs etc and more serious things such as arterial bleeds (for AFA qualified cadets) were included.

Just an idea that isn’t directly a Casevac I suppose but a challenge for cadets to deal with and treat multiple injuries at once in a team.

Not sure how this would work currently risk assessment/paperwork wise but I can’t imagine it being too unfeasible. Your staff are always there to support you in terms of planning an activity, so don’t be afraid to ask if you need help.

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