How to plan a camp

Just purely for my own interest:

How is a squadron camp away at a DTE (EG A recruit camp) planned, from conception, to booking the area, to executing the event.


Ask a neighbouring squadron if you can attend theirs to see how it works. Get added to SMS. Copy paperwork. Go along. Enjoy it. Learn from it. Modify paperwork to suit your own needs.

Word of caution, lots of RAFAC units getting bumped from DTE at the moment. So be prepared to have a solid backup plan. Or skip DTE altogether and do something else and throw a little cash at the problem.

Step 1: Decide what you’d want to get out of a camp and therefore the qualifications and staff:cadet ratios you’d need.
Step 2: Decide where you’d like to run the camp. DTE, Scout Camp Site etc, and decide when you’d like to run it.
Step 3: Find staff that can make that date and have the qualifications you need.
Step 4: Get those staff to sort out RA’s for the activity they are responsible, and get location booked.

Most of these steps are interchangeable tbh, but gives you an idea.

who do you have to contact to put in an application for the use of a DTE?

The booking cell. You’ll find a list in JSP907, or contact your Wing HQ for their details as sometimes bookings need to be done through them.

All DTE bookings are done on BAMS and a MODNet account is needed.

Last time I booked DTE the booking cell wanted to sort it all over the phone and then get the application through BAMS :rofl:


If they’re friendly you can submit the booking to them and they’ll book it on BAMS for you. As we don’t have MODnet or access to it.


Our local cell sent me the 907 and they are doing the BAMS for us


BAMS does not work for RAFAC accounts, contact Booking cell and complete excel form.

Some don’t care and still want if on BAMS at which point your WHQ have to put it on for you as they have access.

WHQ have access to BAMS and this can be quicker than emailing the relevant booking cell with an excel sheet altho both ways work!