How to make leading lessons more engaging

I’ve been doing put in-charge of teaching the airmanship lessons at leading level on my sqn, and I was wondering if anybody’s got any ideas on making lessons a bit more interactive. I ask as many questions as I can, but I want them to be able to take away from the lessons as much as they can.

maybe show aircraft scenarios etc (with the knowledge they have learnt) eg: diagrams and interactive questions regarding them etc. hope this helps :slight_smile:

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If you have a flight sim on the Squadron you might be able to demo some aspects using that (I’m not an expert in things like the Air Traffic modules but there are people on here who are!)

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Rules of the air.

Make red and green slides for the epailettes, and after teaching the cadets how aircraft givenway to each other, get them to go outside and run a small scenario. Aiming to cross on front of each other…and report who gives way to who.

First problem is always making sure the cadets get their Port and Stbd the right way round…

You’ll be surprised how many cadets end up walking into each other. Lol.

We mixed the scenario up later on, by having a cadet slowly walking round with a beachball above their head…acting as a balloon. Although one girl decided she was wearing it under her jumper. Lol…

Get them to ask, who gives way to who? Who has tight if way in the heirarchy in the sky…

Edit …and obviously, get them to take them off when finished, to avoid any ussues with your local Warrant Officer… :roll_eyes:


Alternatively do this with spinny office chairs :smiley:

I am at cadet rank, however have got my leading badge and I know how I feel when I am learning. What I find silly is when the person teaching does not give me chance to take any notes, perhaps because on my sqn I am the only one who takes notes, but it would be great if instead of rushing through there were opportunities to take notes and ask follow up questions.

In terms of making it fun, I found real life examples of things fun and they helped me to remember things (where appropriate).

Best wishes

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I use real life examples for some of the topics, such as history of aviation, & ask cadets to guess at the outcome / actual number, linking the answers to the topic in question (look up the exact details to ensure correct references - I’ve abbreviated things):

New York Times stated 3 months before the Wright brothers’ flight - no chance in 10 million years for manned flight…

What is longest ever powered flight? (64 DAYS!!)

What is longest ever glider flight? (70+ hrs)

What is highest ever glider flight? (76,000 ft)

What is longest distance glider flight? (3008 km)

What is highest ever manned hot air balloon flight? (69,000 ft)(1.6 million cubic foot balloon!!)

When was the first crossing of the Atlantic in a helium balloon? (1978)

When was the first crossing of the Atlantic in a hot air balloon? (1987 - Richard Branson)(2.29 million cu ft, approximately the size of a 21-storey building)

What is highest ever manned balloon flight with a sky dive? (39 KM!)(The dive broke another record, first man to go supersonic free fall - Red Bull Sonos)

When was the first round the world hot air balloon flight? (1999)

Does your squadron use the Leading Cadet Notebook to support training?

As for other activities to support training, ATC Manager 2 is a good online free RADAR ATC simulator that can be used to support several of the Learning Objectives for Airmanship Knowledge.
Theres a great Radio Exercise in ACP 44 Chapter 9 about describing features of aircraft which also links in nicely with Airmanship knowledge.


No notebook given!

Well now you know there is one to support you working through Leading. it’s similar to the First Class Workbook, but not a compulsory part of the classification.

Thanks! Where can you buy it ?

Staff can order them from Cranwell print room for free. Or they can download them and use them digitally. Or print your own.

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Great, is the PDF available to print myself?

Available on Sharepoint here. If you don’t have access, ask a member of your squadron staff.

Seems like I do not have access

Access Denied

Due to organizational policies, you can’t access this resource from this untrusted device.

Some times cadets do have access, some times they don’t! It’s annoying, but it’s the rules with live with. If it was up to me, all the training material would be available to you. But it’s not up to me, so you’ll have to ask your squadron to get you a copy and email it to you.

Yes, it seems a bit hit and miss, but rules are rules! Thank you for your help!

It’ll be able to change now that we have educational licences!!!

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