How to Iron Trousers/Slacks without getting it shiny

I don’t know how to iron trousers without getting them shiny

Have the iron on the lowest setting you can that produces steam, iron through a flat cloth, and do several passes to regularly allow the trouser material to cool down before getting too hot.

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Highest heat setting, maximum steam and use a spray water bottle. But cover the trousers with a pressing cloth (like a thin pillow case).

Don’t be afraid to press home once you have the crease

I use a very thin piece of cotton material that has been wet, but then squeezed to make it “damp” - iron over that, but allow time for the trouser material to dry off.

Interesting the variations.
I use medium-high heat and an old tea towel.

Definitely second this - pressing trousers does require pressing down, not just ironing over like a shirt would.

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Get them dry cleaned :wink:

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That’s how you get permanent tramlines. For some reason my suits have always been fine. But uniform trousers get tramlined

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Spot on

All of the above - ultimately the golden rule is don’t iron the material of the trousers directly!

As mentioned previously - use something as a barrier - a pillow case, piece of muslin or cotton tea towel works well.

As for sharp creases…

My fave method was to gently run a hotel bar of soap, along the INSIDE of the crease that you want to keep. Then turn the trousers back the right way round, lay a cloth over the crease and press again.

(Back in the day - tailors French chalk worked well, but the stuff you get nowadays doesn’t seem to work the same way.)

Bravo for wanting to do it right and have great looking trousers!

Muslin for me, double folded and the. Sprayed with the iron spray button as well as the steam setting. Too lazy to faff with the heat settings.