How to Guides for the Bronze Space Badge

I’m searching for the how to guides for cadets. On the aviation section there is a link for module 2 but when I click on it it says the link is removed. Does anyone have the module 1 and module 2 or a link that I can have?
Also, am I supposed to be able to self-enrol for bronze space?

Thanks in advance.
(Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question).

If ypu look on cadet portal at the bottom somewhere there are gieds you can acess (had a look at them today) all the info will be there if you cant find it speak to staff (assuming your a cadet)

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Are they on the home page or somewhere else?

sorry i thought this was for cyber you will need to speak to staff to have it set (been bugging my staff for blue space to be set lol)

but there are how-to guides i believe at the RAFAC key document section of the my downloads tab sorry for the confusion

No worries and thanks!

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