How to go about beginning to run first aid courses as a cadet?

Recently came off a gold first aid course, and I’m hoping to run as many courses as I can. I’m qualified to teach up to bronze level, but I’m unsure where to start, in terms of organising some courses.
How do I start?
TIA :slight_smile:

Hate to be captain obvious, but isn’t that what they taught you on the Gold First Aid Instructors course?

Difference between theory and practice.

@Cdt_A , is there anything specific you’d like to know?

Haven’t done the course but I imagine they teach how to assist/assess YFA, not how to organise an actual weekend (book accomodation, get it approved on SMS, get staffing support etc). However my advice would be to talk to your WFAO and go from there.


Yep, that’s exactly it. I can run courses up to bronze. The thing I’m stuck on is how to go about getting everything approved, finding a venue, etc

Do you know how I could go about getting everything approved by staff? I’ve been taught about how to do an SMS for the event, but I don’t have access to it yet, so I’d need to get that sorted through staff too.

Another key question with this is are you 18? If not, you’ll need to have a CFAV or a staff cadet to act as the adult IC, even if you are leading the training it’s self.

As for sorting it on SMS, this also depends on if you’re a staff cadet or not. If you are, there’s no reason why you can’t be given access to SMS and go through it all your self. If you’ve not done it before, get another staff member who has to walk you through the steps. If you’re under 18, this will ideally need to be done by someone who is over. No reason why you can’t assist though!

As for finding a venue etc, that would really be up to what happens locally. Do you have a local Wing/Region activity centre? Can you use your squadron building? This is where having some connections helps! Speak to your staff and ask what there is available, and how to go about booking it.

Lastly, make sure what ever you want to run does go past the WFAO first. They’ll likely be able to help you with a lot of the above stuff, so speak to them! They may already have courses planned for the rest of the year with things like venues already sorted. Then you’d just need to turn up and teach, which trust me, is easier than doing all the other stuff.