How to get noticed by staff

So I’ve been a cadet at my local squadron for 2 years, am enjoying it very much and trying to do as many courses as possible! But one thing I was wondering is how to get noticed by staff.
Full disclaimer I don’t think I am ready for promotion right now anyway nor do I expect it this is just a general thing.
I am usually quite a quiet cadet, not really catching the eye of the adults and the NCOs. This is not to say that they don’t know me and that I don’t have friends, because I do, but I’m probably slightly forgettable etc. This is also what I was told in JNCO.
Basically, the guy running the jnco thought I wasn’t listening because I wasn’t speaking that much. But when he asked me a question u managed to answer it quite well, which he was surprised by. At the end of JNCO I was pretty much told that I am quite but have things to say and they were impressed by my leadership activity.
So my question is, how do I show that I am more than I look without waiting until someone magically gives me the opportunity?
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Well my tip would just be to answer more in lectures (don’t be afraid to get it wrong because it shows you are trying) and volunteer for things.

Ps: I am quoting higher ranked people at my sqd and good luck :+1:

Ask questions. Double check that you’ve got the points that were being made.

Asking a question that the other cadets roll their eyes at isn’t a failing, it’s a sign of moral courage - not least because there will undoubtedly be cadets in the room who want to ask that question, but are too put off by peer pressure to do so.

Do you know the first thing they will teach you at Sandhurst, or Hereford, or Poole - that the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask…


As mentioned above, asking/answering questions is good. I’ve also found that taking initiative to get things done, e.g an Officer has asked for something to happen, and no one is doing it, try to take charge and organise something. Also upholding discipline standards e.g uniform/saluting officers/behaviour on parade.

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You might be surprised if you think the staff haven’t noticed you. If you are doing good things and getting involved staff will have seen and continue to see it.
I personally have a dislike of the “noisy” in your face “look at me” type cadets. People getting on with things quietly are much better.