How to get/buy cadet issued black leather gloves

How do I get/buy cadet issues black leather gloves???

Private purchase.

But any black glove will do fine. The issue OR gloves are just plain black leather.

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Is it ok if I buy officers black leather gloves then from cadet direct?

Officers gloves are brown.

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Sorry it’s listed as black leather gloves here. can I still buy it? Sorry MoD Tactical Leather Gloves, Black | Army Gloves | Cadet Direct

Any black glove will be acceptable.


Just buy the 99p ones from Primarni. For general use they dont need to be the expensive leather ones.

Also avoid Cadet Direct like the plague, jumped up prices taking advantage of a kids hobby


Send link please

Primark doesn’t do online shopping, you’ll have to visit a branch… but maybe wait a few weeks, unlikely to have any in stock just yet.

Get some basic black fleecy gloves from somewhere like decathlon or go outdoors, aslong as they aren’t too bulky, or with big logos or markings, they will be fine for cadet use, and then you can also use them for outdoor activities.

It does click and collect now though!

I disagree with this.

Fleece gloves keep the moisture, they get wet and cold especially in the UK.


Fair enough, of it’s raining, then fleece isn’t the way to go. In that case then leather gloves probably are best.