How to get a flying scholarship

How do you apply for a flying scholarship through cadets?

Pray that the gods of the sky hear your call for wings!

It depends on which scholarship you want to go for. Some of them are rarer than unicorn excrement at the moment.

First point if contact should be OC Sqn. They need to put you forward.

Remember ACPS has no provider atm, and there will be a back log. So depending on circumstances you may want to consider a Gliding Scholarship.

Gliding scholarships are the only option at the moment, (and probably for the next 1-2 years).

Application process will differ between Wings.

Well, ACTO34 still says that cadets can apply at any time in the year…

HOWEVER, for our wg, in Nov 2022, there was an application process coordinated by our wg aviation officer. There was a 2 week window, references had to be supplied by OC sqns for cadets who got through initial screening, then those cadets had to attend a further selection / interview process.

Of course, in Jan 2023, there was the notification that ACPS applicants had to be over 18, & most recently, the news about Tayside going into administration. No update as yet concerning a replacement ACPS provider.

To me, that means (sadly), all bets are off.