How to fold a smock hood

Hi. Do you need to fold the mtp smock hood or can you leave it loose and if you need to fold it how do you fold it

I believe @MattB is the authority on this!


Start with the smock open and flat. The hood should be smoothed and the wires, if still fitted, straight.

First, turn the hood inside out. This is the real trick.

The top of the hood should be flat line, you start rolling from there. You need to tightly roll the hood, so that when it is neatly rolled the open edge is closest to the back of the jacket. Not your neck.

Turning the hood inside out before rolling also ensures that the loop of string can reach around to the button. Pass it around the button several times to ensure the hood is tight.

Finally, scrunch up the excess storm flaps (the bits with the wire in) and fold them inside the rolls and out of sight. The wire will keep the flaps hidden and keep the roll in shape around your neck.


While @Baldrick is entirely correct, I’m given to understand that the current fashion is for the hood to be worn unrolled, and is thus considered ally.

And as we all know, ally saves lives.


Usually, ‘pixied’ which is where the storm flaps are cut off the hood to create a neat edge. The hood is then ironed impossibly flat.

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Certainly that has been the case, though my most recent exposure (Marne Barracks, Catterick, if you’re interested…) suggests it’s to be worn well, just scruffy…

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Things not often seen - an officer having to tell a group of SNCOs how to dress themselves! :laughing:


:joy:. Ok so overall are hoods supposed to be rolled up or left down and if they aren’t left down it looks weird becuase my hood ha the wire in it

Thanks for the tip but overall are hoods supposed to be rolled up or left down and if they aren’t left down it looks weird becuase my hood ha the wire in it

The wire helps tbh - I’ll do a quick video later on this evening for reference :+1:


Ok thank you

I’ve seen a few try and fail…

I have to tell NCOs how to dress all the time.

I once famously had to tell a previous CACWO that he was incorrect when he told me I was wearing my field service cap wrongly. He was of the (heinous) view they should be worn centrally. I corrected him.
Douglas Bader himself would be proud of the angle of my chip bag. (Despite the limitations keeping it 25mm from my eyebrow and 12mm from my ear would suggest.)


To the letter, if not the spirit, eh?



That is the current fashion. It works much better when the storm flap has been (neatly) removed. One word of warning, it may be difficult to roll the hood up after this as it makes the hood too small for the loop that holds it in place. The trick is to move the base of the loop lower down on the hood.

I suspect very strongly that I had the same conversation with the same man.

Or twist the loop a few times to shorten it.

I just go around the button more than once.

Ive always rolled my hood inward and pressed it on each fold, once you zip your smock up, its like an epic neck warmer, no wind getting in your body