How to do Bronze and silver leadership badges

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As we are new we do not have full access to Badar share point and I was wondering what the requirements are for the bronze and silver cadet leadership badges are I understand the blue and gold versions help would be much appreciated Thankyou

Further I would like to add how this works in a CCF situation rather than ATC

ATC - Attend a wing level course

CCF- Not a clue! @TimSqn or @tmmorris may be able to help

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The silver and gold could be a bit complex, as they require “off-unit” activity - unless you can team up with a (relatively) local CCF then your best bet might be liaison with your local ATC unit.

We do have a section nearby which I have contacts in however I would like to have a clear plan to represent them thanks that’s been very helpful

Does Bronze have to be at wing level? I thought it could be done on Sqn level. I may be wrong.

Needs to be bigger than squadron

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Sector minimum

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Cheers @MattB @AlexCorbin

If your CCF has the ability to do Bronze or Silver then you are lucky… There may be a TEST area leadership course (East do a good one); there may be something less formal arranged by your TEST sergeant; there may be something between you and another local CCF. But most struggle to get this into the programme, I fear. With more TEST officers now in post this could improve. Which area are you in? (it’ll be one of East, Southeast, Southwest, West or ScotNINE (basically everyone else!)

SCOTNINE and we are lucky to have another ccf in the same city

Annoy the hell out your test officer for help…
He’s a ATC Sqn Ldr and DepOc Wing so will have lots of resources to help


You may be able to get yourselves invited to any leadership courses run by a local ATC squadron, sector or wing. I guess the overall processes are compatible.

Agree, you’re in a good area as your TEST officer is ATC as well so will understand.

Mmmm, I doubt my CCF region even know there is a Bronze or silver leadership course :joy::sob::sob:

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