How to deal with potentially manipulative NCOs

I’m in a bit of a sticky situation with my NCO team at the minute. I’m one of 3 sergeants on sqn, and the staff have seen the other 2 as argumentative with each other. I’ve been stuck in the middle of this for months, but I’m starting to see a bigger picture.
Sgt A is our old OCs daughter, and also the daughter of one of our FSs. Sgt B has been at the rank of sergeant the longest.

Sgt A has always been a bit of a loose cannon, overstepping the mark slightly, being a bit egotistical, taking jokes too far, swearing, that kind of thing. The team has had issues with this, but have been afraid to say so, as she was the OCs daughter. Sgt B spoke up about this, and ever since has been put in a bad light, and rumours have been passed around the wing. Sgt A has always liked me, and by extension, her parents. It’s been this way until I got a position that he wanted on a course. She’s gone quiet, and has spoken to me in a telling-off sort of way.

It’s stressing out a couple of the Cpls, and I’m worried about what I should do, in case I fall into what Sgt B has experienced. We have a new OC, but she’s really close to our old boss, and Wing Activity Day is coming up, so I’m nervous to talk to her for now. Any ideas of how I can deal with it for the team?

Word of advice…if your alias is your real name…change it

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It seems from my experience that when cadet NCOs have families links with squadron staff, it’s bound to cause issues.

I’ve seen similar problems with the SNCOs on my squadron having tension between each other due to family links and stuff. Thankfully, I’ve so far managed to avoid getting dragged into it too.

An idea that we sometimes floated was arranging an NCO meeting with all NCOs and staff present, where people can have frank discussions about their concerns whilst keeping it civil.

Edit: my immediate suggestion would be to get WAD done and out of the way, and later enquire about arranging a meeting with NCOs and staff. See if you can all do a specific date to avoid constant pushbacks.

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