How to apply for musicians badges?

I have searched this and the archived forum and can’t see an answer, so does anyone know the process for applying for a musicians badge. Also what are the grade requirements because ACTO 123 says grade 3 however something which came out from wing said grade 5. I have asked our staff however they didn’t have a clue and are currently quite busy because they got a load of returns to put into wing which they weren’t ready for.

I saw something quite recent in this but I can’t place my hands on it. Perhaps your regional music officer may be able to assist?

Used to be Grade 5. ACTO123 appears to have changed, so go with that - it’s in the controlled documents site and thus is policy!

So if they are Grade 3, get them to bring in their certificate and give 'em a badge.

I can confirm that the PDM (Principle Director of Music) lowered the Grade boundaries to Grade 3 - ACTO 123 should be referred to as the most up to date policy document.

i have done exactly this only this week.

our Bandmaster wanted a “cencus” done of musicians in the Wing and i duly asked who played, one indicated he does so to grade 4 and so missed out on the badge…following this thread i saw the changed, got him to bring his certificate in which was scanned and badge requested!
happy days!

Or three cereal packet tops and a cheque to cover postage! :dry:

Grade 3 is quite a low standard to award a badge of sufficient value to merit displaying on the Cadet uniform isn’t it? Grade 3 for most instruments is little more than the entry level in terms of certified achievement.

Maybe it’s just me but that smacks of a real slide in standards. Unless the end game is to have as many Cadets as possible wearing a musician badge regardless… :unsure:

Hi i am interested in drumming and i have no experience in them and i want to play and gain instrument badge but do i need to do BTEC in Music or … something. I have asked my officer but she said i cant do it because i havent done any instument that made me curious about it. Thanks

Does anyone know what instruments are eligible for the blue musicians badge.

Here you go. All of the instruments below are eligible for one of the blue music badges if the cadet is at least grade three in the instrument or have been assessed by someone ‘compenent’. This could be a music teacher or someone in your wing.

001 Flute
002 Clarinet
003 Alto Saxophone
004 Tenor Saxophone
005 Cornet
006 Trumpet
007 Euphonium
008 Trombone
009 Tuba
010 Bugle/Cavalry Trumpet (Eb/Bb)
011 Military Side Drum
012 High Tension Snare (Highland)
013 Drum Kit
014 Bagpipes (Highland)
015 Bell Lyre
016 French Horn
017 Tenor Horn
018 Percussion (Tuned/Timpani)
019 Oboe
020 Tenor Drum (Highland)
021 Baritone Horn
022 Piccolo
023 Flugel Horn
024 Glockenspiel
025 Acoustic Guitar
026 Bassoon
027 Voice
028 Piano
029 Cello
030 Keyboard
031 Bass Guitar
032 Violin
033 Bass Drum
034 Double Bass
035 Fife
036 Penny Whistle
037 Drum Major
038 Bass Bugle
039 Tenor Drum
040 Harp
041 Soprano Saxophone
042 Electric Guitar
043 Bass Trombone
044 Baritone Saxophone

I have to ask, as a music teacher: why the omissions?

If all of them were band instruments, fair enough. But why violin, and penny whistle, but not recorder? Where’s organ? How are you a grade on ‘bell lyre’ FFS?

Thank you I will apply soon

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