How should we update or replace the 3822?


FSQ. How do the ACF record WHTs, Star classifications etc?


All held on Westminster. Assuming events are set up correctly, this is then available to the people running the event.


That’s interesting! I wonder why the RAFAC can’t adopt a similar process? What do you do about mobile Internet access? Or is a report printed off before the event?


We probably could and we might still, but it limits flexibility.


Print it off before the event. If necessary we can just check on the phone.


This is where it fails to be a satisfactory solution as it relies on having connectivity and on the systems being functional. The print-out only works if it is produced as close as possible to the activity or you lock out the attendance lists earlier than is often required.

The system will probably work the majority of the time but will have enough instances of failure as to be a nuisance.


Not really, it generally just works. It is incredibly rare for there to be any unscheduled downtime, and scheduled downtime is always during the week, generally in the morning. You already know at least several days before an event who is going to be going (or atleast everyone who has said they will go - there shouldn’t be extra). If you don’t know, just take all the records. Simples!


Hi all, I’m new to ACC and this is my first post. I actually teach the Data Protection Act and the GDPR as a job. Yes, I grant you it’s not going to set the world alight, but it does mean that I do know that the powers that be flap far too much regarding Data Security. They also seem somewhat naive about the whole thing. Why have secure cadet records on a system only certain people can access within a certain geographical area and then give children; creatures prone to losing phones, i-Pods, money and house keys all that information in a booklet that can not only go the same way, but also not react too well to Daz Capsules and the insides of a Zanussi!
The ACO (sorry, RAFAC) need to get these sort of things sorted to keep us pushing on. They are keen to embrace STEM and then supply their very lifeblood with something similar to what I had 35 years ago (??) A Wing or Sector held card printer which has a single MoD approved template of an ID card can be purchased for very little in comparison to the amount spent on replacing Comfort apple-blossom scented 3822’s. It’s time for HQAC to get in the Tardis and find 2018.
“ah, but what’s to stop cadets losing their ID cards?” I hear you say. Nothing. But maybe we need to instill self-responsibility a bit more too.


At Benson in October, we had to have Escorted passes issued, with photographs taken, for each one, as they didn’t have any form of cadet ID.


Thats just the RAF being awkward. Basically, ACF cadets can get onto Army camps without any ID as long as they are escorted by ACF personnel who do have their ID with them.


Our cadets usually end up escorting the staff.


…errr … there will be no Data Protection Act when GDPR come in next month

  1. I didn’t refer to a specific act. It is a sound principle even without legislation.
  2. But there is one at the moment. It is a current concern.


The fact that ACF cadets don’t have any sort of ID is annoying, especially when we have to check ID for people coming onto our site, which the ACF have a part of.