How should we update or replace the 3822?


who said i wasn’t listening to the concerns?

i merely offered/identified solutions i have seen others adopt in the past…


Personally, I think the 3822 should be kept with a MOD90 style ID to compliment it. Instead of a barcode why not just put the CIN on it? More annoying to type in, yes, but more practical than scanning especially if using a pc/laptop.


Print the CIN under a standard barcode. Flexibility…
Don’t bother with QR or other 2D codes.


we don’t have access to SMS and our Bader account is limited to Sharepoint and Mail


So give AEF & VGS access to SMS hardly the most complicated thing in the world to do.


You only have access to your own Cadets on SMS, unless you have a Wing Account.


“Print the CIN under a standard barcode. Flexibility” they do this with hospital numbers and scan barcode for blood test so could be done in Sqn the document I seen which was oh here talked about using the same card that CCF is trying out now and I believe the change is for security reasons so all those on camps etc wear I’d around neck. .


unfortunately I’ve already gone down that road with the Bader development team and they can’t do it.


Can’t means won’t.

(and as was remarked to me a long time ago: won’t means jail)


There are a few things the bader team cannot do because the accreditation and the data security people pulling the strings will not permit them to do. They may be technically possible but forbidden.


The security thing is BS, if you can do something without sitting at something hardwired. I don’t but I’m sure people can access ‘Bader’ on phones etc. We cannot access our product spec database unless we are given specific permissions and at a desk. There are people who have asked for remote access have been told, categorically no.

If something like this was to happen, then someone wearing a nice thick band on their shoulder needs to stop social mediating and speak to people and put and fight the case for it.


Yes, but it is about where the data resides (and ensuring that is secure), not where you access it from.


There is the new data stuff coming out which means tighter measures are required for security. Also IF they fill their books in it is a good document, rather than reams of paper, to show to a possible employer. There is also the problem of being out in a field where there is no reception etc for aps etc to work. ID card is good for just that but the record side needs to be thought through more.


I was on a DofE last year and one of the other staff got very excited about using OS maps on his phone. Well, this was until we were tracking a group and there was no phone reception and another time when his battery died, we had to rely on one of those pictures on paper, that the OS kindly produce.


I have heard it said that the inclusion of “personal data” (names, dates of birth, addresses, medical notes etc.) on an insecure document is questionable.


So that would be TG 21/2/3 Consent forms then.


We actually make a reasonable effort to keep those secure .


We do our very best, but in the written form anyone can read them and don’t say it doesn’t happen.


I would be surprised if it didn’t happen, but they are less likely to be washed or dropped than a current-style 3822


As a cadet, I loved recording activities in my 3822. I still have it now, and occasionally look through it to compare my experience with those of my current cadets.

However, I was a cadet before the SMS and smart phones became the norm!

Now, I would scrap the 3822 in favour of a DofE style membership card - Name and CIN printed on a generic card. If the idea was to use it as photo ID, then also stick the photo that had been uploaded to the SMS.

The SMS might need a little tweak - when someone sets up an Activity on the SMS, the history relevant to the activity also becomes available - For example, if you set up a shooting activity, every cadet added to the activity automatically would have their WHT and shooting record available to be viewed and updated by the activity IC.

VGS and AEFs could insert any additional permissions needed onto their AV MedForm 1s, if SMS access isn’t allowed.

Record of service is currently collected by the SMS, and available in the format of the cadet CV. If HQ wanted to push the printing costs onto the cadets, they could investigate something similar to how the DVSA provide licence details - go to a website, enter a single use code (provided by a member of staff via the SMS on discharge?), CIN number and name, and then they could download a complete record of service in PDF format to keep, or provide to potential employers/RAF/prospective father in laws etc.

If someone was dismissed, you could withhold the code, much the same way we can withhold their 3822.

We can’t do anything about Internet access - 4G and it’s successors will get better and better, but there is nothing to stop the activity IC from downloading the details at home before setting off to run the activity.