How often to salute?

I should probably know this but i am quite uneducated to be co-running a section soon.

Our CCF as biannual inspection is on Wednesday and I needed to know how often I am to salute the Air Commodore. When she is first encountered obviously, but after that is it every time I walk past or she comes up to me?
I really have no clue, and really appreciate and help.
Thank you.

Cpl Kat

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Kat you should not hsve to salute ss thatvus fone by tge s3nior person present for your stand. However if you are the ic of tge stand you salute when she arrivws and when she leaves. But don’t worry as your TEST Team are on there on tge day and they wil help you through the day.

I think balders has had a few sherberts. I think this is what he was trying to say

Kat you should not have to salute as that is done by the senior person present. But don’t worry as your TEST Team are there on the day and they will explain what you need to do.

Go to bed @Balders

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Thank you to you both. :pray:

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Kat apologies your line has been hijacked in this way. I am supremely confident the day will be a success and there will be no stressers. If you know I do have sense of humour but when prodded I can snap.


If you wish to take issue with me please do so but not at the expense of a cadet who asked a question. I can take and give banter with the best but when someone who does not know me makes a suggestion in regard to my personal standards I like anyone else react.

I would have read my post and edited it in time. I am sorry you feel offended but as the old saying goes we can’t plese all the people all of the time…

My apologies

It’s okay I appreciate the passion and the help.

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Enjoy the day

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