How often do your NCOs run activities?

On the forum I often see people referring to “NCO nights” or involving their cadet NCOs more in running activities. I find this quite odd as >90% of our nights are (were) ran by cadet NCOs, not that I particularly agree with that.

So, how often do your cadet NCOs run activities?

Depends what you mean by run.

Facilitate? The majority.
Actually conceive, plan and implement? Maybe 10%.

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For me there are 2 different types.

There are nights which are planned by the training officer and then run by the Cadets, this is most nights.

There are nights which are completely planned and run by the NCO’s so they can effectively do whatever they want. This is what I hear when people say “NCO Nights”


We used to have an NCO planned and implemented parade night once a month.

They had to explain their plans to the Trg Off prior to this.

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Agree with all the above!

I’d say that 80% of our lessons are taught by NCOs with staff there to facilitate and to run the more specialised subjects . The first class training is run and planned by them as well. They also do the first and last parades of the term so staff can have a meeting.


i have been on a variety of units and the use in regular nights/classification training varies some units there will be more MOI Cadets training than CFAVs others only CFAVs are teaching but the answers above is a good generalisation

Sorry, I should have also added that I reflect what else has been said above.

Our NCOs were running 90% of our subject classes etc.

Not sure how many we will have return F2F. I think we will mostly be starting from the ground up!