How often do you hear from your Wing Commander?

I was thinking about an upcoming event that our Wg Cdr will be at and was trying to remember when a) I last saw them b) I last heard anything from them, even an all Wing email. I reckon a) is 7-8 months and b) is at least 6 months.

Having never had a Wing role, I do wonder what’s going on. Perhaps the Wg Cdr is super busy doing strategic stuff, which I know is important, but surely comms to your staff is also vital. How often do you hear from your Wing boss?

I certainly see ours more than that, but see much more of our Sector Commander: as one might expect.

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The sector commander certainly appears more often for a chat or an interview, although rarely with much detail about Wing plans or direction.

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I think the easiest summary is “when there’s a problem”.

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or when they want something…



We ‘see’ our sector commander at the Sqn maybe twice year. Receive an email from the wing commander also maybe twice a year (OC may have more frequent contact but he doesn’t share it with us mere minions.

That sounds like a good balance. A few times a year to hear what’s going on and where the Wing is heading would be so welcome.