How much subs does your Sqn charge PER MONTH

How much subs does your Sqn charge per month? Thanks.

Subs Per Month
  • Free
  • Under £5
  • £5 to £9
  • £10
  • £11
  • £12
  • £13
  • £14
  • £15
  • £16
  • £17
  • £18
  • £19
  • £20
  • £21
  • £22
  • £23
  • £24
  • £25
  • More than £25

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Thank you

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We are currently on a 50% charge but will revert to the answered amount in September

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We’re obviously £1 more expensive than @themajor’s Squadron then :smile:

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Wasnt expecting any subs as high as £23 if I’m honest!

I knew a Squadron Charing £25 a month when I was a Cadet!

In fairness, and IMHO, as an org and as a whole we really dont charge enough.

4/5 hours a week so 16/20 hours a month of childcare… most Sqns are still charging less than £1 an hour…

Football for the kids works out at a little over £4 an hour!

We do ourselves a disservice I think.

Besides. Raising prices would mean Sqns could focus less on scrabbling for money and more on beneficial activities.

Also… am surprised HQAC havent gripped this more by the gangly bits! Imposing a subs bracket.
I.e. each Sqn must charge at least £30 per month. But no more than £40, sort of thing.

Sqns could afford to send a few quid more up the chain to pay for decent things like …

A new glider fleet…


We don’t. Units are seemingly scared that raising subs will decimate their attendance. It really won’t - like you say, it’s VERY good value for money. Increase your subs and invest it in good kit, training for staff, whatever is needed to increase the cadet experience.

I think I raised my unit to £15 a month nearly ten years ago now - so if you are still charging that amount now you need to rethink in my opinion. GiftAid on top of that and we had sufficient funds to pay for anything that was ever required.


We’re on £8 per month, with a discount if paid upfront 6 monthly or yearly.

I might suggest we raise to £10, I don’t know the last time we had an increase and it should help cover the loss of income over the past 2 years.

Due to lack of qualified staff I’m seriously looking at buying skills in for AT activities, if that means charging a couple of hundred quid for a Camp so be it. It’s still cheaper than you would pay with schools etc.

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Ours is £12 and easily covers our routine outgoings, with a bit left over for Christmas treats etc. I believe it should be kept as low as possible, to make our organisation as accessible as possible. It’s the kids from the less well off back grounds that can benefit the most from what we offer. The fact that we issue most uniform already helps attract these people, keeping subs low backs this up.


£15 per month works really well for us, but we are a larger unit and the committee do some great fundraising that brings in £5000 or so each year. Certainly enough for buying any kit we need, running a minibus and subsidising some activities.

Accessibility and any struggle with the costs can be discussed on an individual basis though - you can have that discussion when they come to join. Certainly on our intake nights I used to make it very clear that if anyone was likely to have issue with the subs, to come and talk with us directly and we can make arrangements.

Keeping it too low just hobbles you as a unit and you end up struggling to fund stuff unless you have an active committee doing a lot of fundraising.

We charged ~£150 for a week at Capel a few years ago allowed us to buy in allsorts in addition to volunteer led activities. Small beer when you compare it to school trips and take into account accommodation, food, travel is all provided for that.

Anyone that might struggle with the costs was subsidised by the CivCom.

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I know of a sqn in my old wing charging £3 a parade night. but then they did have a lot of ghost cadets to pay for.

I know a Sqn that charges £25 per month or in the region of. They never pay for any additional activities such as camps etc. So works out if you are a proactive cadet very good value, not so much for the more casual members.

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We don’t have any issues funding equipment - we apply for grants from various areas. RAFCT have just upgraded our flight sim and paid for a load of chrome books - so cadets can do exams. I find it easier for everyone to pay a lower amount, rather than try to manage everyone paying different amounts.

Not sure what you mean by a hobby unit - we are the highest achieving Sqn in the Wing and have all the kit we need :woman_shrugging:t3:

Crazy jnrs original squadron (we are slap bang in the middle of 2) he chose to go to because of the convenience of the parade nights charged £25 and that was about 4 years ago now. Only pay that for both the kids currently and happily paid it throughout the pandemic to support that squadron.

I do like a good BOGOF offer :joy:

Never been able to get those Scrooge’s to open their purse for me…

Have applied for the same things others have…

Been told many times it’s a postcode lottery with them.

Would love to know exactly what metric you use to work that one out! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Unless you have won the Morris trophy this year?

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Didn’t claim to be best in the Corps. But have been Wing nomination for relevant Lees/Morris Trophy for last couple of years - so statement was based on that.

BTW - how do you quote text in your response? Feel like my answers look a bit disjointed without it, but as this is only the second thing I’ve commented on still getting to grips with it.

Highlight the text then press quote