How many squadrons can an officer be part of

How many sqn can an officer be member of

The old adage is you can’t serve two masters and this doesn’t just apply to officers, even cadets at uni who ‘attend’ other sqns.
There are problems around
HTD I know people who have transferred done an HTD for their new sqn and because the system takes so long to catch up, it’s been refused.
which squadron do you do things with?

Other than that I don’t think the dual e-system we have could cope with people being at two places, it struggles with one.

Actually, the system copes just fine - you can be supernumerary on a number of units on Bader

Maybe, if someone somewhere keeps them up to date properly, but you still can’t serve two masters. To which unit do you give your most attention? If your main unit needs you and so does the other(s) which one do you prioritise at the risk of annoying someone?

You could end up like a dog with two or more backsides.

Is there a point to this question?

there never usually is…

To answer the question seriously for a change…

An officer has a ‘primary posting’. This is the established post which enables her/him to continue to be an officer. (Without that, he/she has to transfer to the Non-Effective Pool and after a period of time (6 months?) without a posting will be struck off.)

But an officer can have one or more secondary postings with the written permission of the CO of the primary posting. This is of course designed to avoid exactly that kind of divided time/loyalty as the CO can rescind that at any time.

In my case - my OC RAF Section is also an officer at a local ATC squadron (who were rather miffed when he was promoted Flt Lt…) with my permission. In our case it’s been very useful - not only because of contacts but because he has become a very usefully experienced chap.

Another example - some VGS instructors are holding established posts at the VGS (OC, Trg Officer, &c) but many have this as a secondary duty, their primary duty being as an ATC or CCF officer. (Though there was one who managed to be a CCF Contingent Commander and a VGS OC, not sure how…)

I served on a main unit and was also a supernumerary, worked fine.

Claimed HTD on the main squadron and used a 1771 for the second.

Only main issue is that being supernumerary on BADER doesn’t actually give you access permissions, which did cause some issues.