How long do you wait before removing cadets from Bader?

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I hope everyone is well! One of the CCFs I work with is coming up on its biennial inspection. I was just wondering, for ATC units, how long do you wait before removing a cadet from your system? For us, its 1 term without any communication about why they’re absent. We then send a letter to parents/guardians saying if we don’t hear anything, we will be discharging them. No comms = removal from the system and request for uniform to be returned.

Just am curious to see how the other half do it :slight_smile:

By policy, I believe it’s 2 months without comms then we can discharge.

The reality, however, varies by unit. My old squadron still had cadets on the books who hadn’t been in touch for about a year…

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Indeed, but that bit of the policy is specifically for membership of the ATC, so doesn’t apply to the CCF. So it’s interesting to hear @Sgt_Stealey that you just do it on a single term basis. Very similar!

The nice thing is, discharging a cadet doesn’t completely remove then as such, you can reinstate them very easily if they want to start up again.

This is true but from a personnel management point of view this is the last action you wish to take as you then loose visibility & things can fall through the cracks.

If they have stopped paying subs then it’s the three month with subs & no contact that we then discharge.

With Subs it’s a little more tricky as you need them to cancel the standing order.

What I do on my Sqn is if a cadet has not turned up for two consecutive months they are moved to an NEP flight for us to manage the exit & recovery of equipment or funds.

The main binning points are before the six monthly stats are taken where you are billed on the number of your cadets so we always make sure we are up to date for these two points (namely end March & end sept).

Termly for CCF seems a good call but I would also look at if you are billed at any point for the number of your cadet.

Also as you’re school based it should be simpler on finding out what they are doing from head of year etc. your SSI will probably already have a policy or process that they use for Westminster so worth checking in with them.

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Kind of them to keep donating after they’ve left


We have a number that do we just need to make sure that it’s recorded in the right spot on the accounts. It’s easy to get confused when you have 50 cadets paying but only 40 on the books.

The issue is that if it accumulates too much then the parent asks for it back.

We send them a letter stating that they are still paying and that their contribution will be regarded as a non-refundable donation rather than membership subs after a certain point.

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We message them after 1 month of no contact, then take them off at the 2 months.

Whether it’s related or not, since we’ve gone hard on this we’ve only had 1 cadet we’ve had to remove due to no contact. Any others that have left have been planned leaving, and we book a last night in with them so we can say a proper farewell as well as collect all the kit in.

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