How long do MOD 90s take?!

I’ve sent off for my first MOD 90 a few months ago. Had backward and forward emails with my wings admin staff about updates but they’re clueless. Any ideas?

Several…but none HQAC or anyone else interested in actioning.

As for mod90s.
It will turn up.
Average wait is anytime between 3 and 15 months. My last took 9.

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I can’t speak with authority about official timescales, but I can tell you that I sent in an application for a MOD 90 in August 22, which is now showing on my volunteer portal page.

It’s about 7 weeks since posting it to WHQ.

How long it will be before it’s in my possession is another matter

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Well this has been down to your WHQ :man_shrugging:t2:

Just checked, from me posting form to receiving new card, 2 months :man_shrugging:t2:

Could start a new thread on ‘how do you rate your Wing HQ?’ Because ours seems to be in the very good excellent category. ID cards turned around quickly, promotions turned around quickly.

Mine went in at mid-June - now showing on VP as 4 Oct, due any day - so roughly 3 months inc delays over HM QE’s passing.

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Agreed. Mine took about 2 months, too. That seems to be the actual system delay rather than the ATC W/R HQ delay.

Also don’t forget that even once it’s printed there’s delays on the way back as it has to get sent to WHQ then in theory onto your OC then to you.

I know someone who’s MOD 90 sat at WHQ for about 6 months, before being sent out to them. By the time it arrived it only had a few months left because of their SC expiry date!

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It’s not that they’re either good or bad, it’s the baffling inconsistencies.

No doubt we can look forward to that deep joy once the CCF administration is subsumed by the ATC one.
Currently MOD90s are sent direct to the unit’s Contingent Commander for distribution; no artificial delay while it trickles down through layers of bureaucracy.


HQAC apparently wait until they’ve got 100 before sending them off to be processed. I know of 2 people who have been waiting since May.

I think I read that the actual team processing them have a SLA so they have to get them processed fairly quickly, once they actually get there…

Got any evidence of this completely unacceptable practice?
If so, please write to CoS exposing this .

That’s not news, it’s the same with most paperwork up there. It gets done in batches.

I would suggest to them that they chase that up.

I submitted my form to wing around the 20th August. My volunteer portal is showing it was received in the first week of Sep, and my Mod 90 was produced last week.

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Well mine was submitted in June and I received it in August :man_shrugging: So where’s the hold up!!

They’ve now checked Bader and apparently have had MOD90 for some months ago. I didn’t realise there was a section on Bader for it so that’s useful to know.

Now as to where the card actually is, we have no idea so will be raising this.

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I just got a replacement after my old one expired. Took two weeks. I assume a first time issue will take a little longer, but those MOD90 people arent slow.

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It almost 11 months for me to receive my MOD90.

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3 months for mine…