How does one obtain the Peaked Cap?

So I have seen on a few occasions cadets wearing a peaked cap, such as an adult NCO, just with the cadet Cap-Badge. Unfortuantly, at the time I was in a position were I was unable to ask anyone about it, and I am still left in the dark about this.
I would simply like to know how to obtain, and be granted permission to wear the peaked cap on parades.
Thank you.

If you could also tell me about this uniform: (and the peaked cap)

I would also appreciate that information as well.

As a cadet you are not entitled to wear the No1SD hat.

The only exception is lord lieutenant cadet, junior leader graduate (at graduation dinner), national marching band and royal Albert hall service of remembrance.

If any of the above applies your squadron will assist in sourcing the FULL AND CORRECT No1 uniform.

Ok, thank you for assisting.

And someone teach that lad how to properly present arms with a .303…

If you’re going to mess about with rifles on parade, at least TRY to do it properly. :mad:

Those aren’t the only exceptions.
Further allowed are:

Authority for the above to be obtained from HQAC for National events, or from RHQ for other events.

Ok, thanks guys, just found loads of Number 1 Dress in our Barracks, so cheers for that info :wink:

Would you count potentially meeting a royal as a reason to wear them? I will be going to St. James Palace to collect my Gold D.of.E award, and would like to know if I would be allowed; as I already have a set.

Possibly, but it is relatively routine and we’d need to take into account what all of the other cadet recipients there would be wearing. I’d be surprised if there weren’t standing orders that dictated the order of dress.

It would require the written authorisation of your Regional Commandant anyway.

We’ve seemingly managed to move to a posture where cadets requiring No1SD for special events or roles should be able to get a current set from RAF stores and get it tailored (if required) so it fits properly. While you may “already have a set”, I have seen many, many instances of cadets wearing ill-fitting, mis-matched, obsolete No1s that a squadron has had lying about in stores and it does nothing to enhance anybody’s image.

There is. No.2 dress as per AP1358C unless the receipient is a LLC and they can wear No.1 Dress. Cadets attending get a letter from the corps DofE Officer IIRC. Might be an email.

[quote=“GOM” post=24153]And someone teach that lad how to properly present arms with a .303…

If you’re going to mess about with rifles on parade, at least TRY to do it properly. :mad:[/quote]Thought arms drill was L98 only now anyway?

MattB - for the masses yes

but for some Sqns with “adequate” number of No4s converted to DP use they could request dispensation to keep hold of them and use in the manner they were intended.

even prior to the No4 Amnesty i rarely saw Squadrons using them for Drill purposes so it was only ever a small handful of units uses them and now I suspect a fewer now as some handed them over…