How does one become a staff cadet?

i think the title speaks for itself

Simple - You remain a cadet passed your 18th Birthday, which requires the agreement of your OC and completion of DBS and some mandatory training .

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  1. Speak to OC.
  2. Complete the following.
    Mandatory training in…
    Responsible for information
    Security - staff
    Acto 10

Then complete prevent.
Also have an interview with your sector commander.

Then oc submits the x2 pers forms required.

After all this. Attend AVIP.

Staying beyond 18 is not an automatic right every cadet has.
You must show you can add value, be responsible as an O18 adult and conplete all the above, prior to turning 18.


Just to add the simple answer is speak to OC, attend AVIP course at wing & get DBS sorted this is the minimum & something you should focus on once you turn 17.

The rest can be done slow time although BPSS is also now require (but this doesn’t take as long a DBS to turn around)

There’s also the staff cadet agreement you will need to complete - it can be a big jump & change in mindset so expect things to be a bit different but don’t let the mandatory training stuff put you off.

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