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Hi all, this is not my first time on here, some time ago I was the DACLO at Wittering and then the CCF TEST SNCO E2. These have all gone now and I am now an Assistant SSI at a local Independent School. YES the dreaded CCF (RAF) Section. I chose to go back into RAF uniform and not Army, at the moment there are three SSI’ in RAF uniform, if my memory is correct we are all SNCO’s, all ex regular SNCO’s to boot.
So if you see us about don’t kick us, have a chat we are all happy to help or advise. See you around the bazaars.

I think there are more than 3 RAF SSIs and at least 3 are officers. One a wing commander.

Welcome tho, hope to see some more blue footprint at CCF events and more CCF at ATC events too.

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I’ve met at least four commissioned RAFVR(T) SSIs, over the last couple of years, so presumably your figure is a massive under-estimate. The Wg Cdr ranked one must be an interesting appointment…curious.


Like it; grumpy by name, grumpy by nature!! Miss having that banter in Prop Flt!!!

How’s it going; how did Friday go??


I have checked my facts and for once I am correct. There are three RAF SSI’ throughout the CCF movement, all SNCO’. The RAFVR(T)'s spoken of are either Section Commanders or Contingent Commanders. The SSI post is an Army generated post. However, HQ CCF have given dispensation for us to wear our previous Service uniform.

Romeo Bravo: Friday was not bad, weather was kind, the parade was spot on, the VIP was funny, I was trying my hardest to be polite and pleasant (not easy for a grumpy sumpy), but he swore worse than me!!! Oh how I miss the banter. Tried to get my old job back but had a tourettes moment just before the interview with one of the panel, hence did not get it. Made me smile big time though all the way back from Northolt after a 11 minute interview on my wedding anniversary as well. So now sitting on the other side of the fence laughing an awful lot about the state of things. It’s great to be back… I even use Bader.

I would wait to see the updated list after the cadet expansion ones are added. There is at least the following, 1 Plt Off VRT, 1 Flt lt and 1 Wg Cdr. Trust me I, I know my job.

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I must admit, I thought there were very few RAF SSIs and I was not aware of any RAF officers filling these roles. I am not saying you are wrong, but I am curious - the SSI role is a central one and nothing to do with the ACO, so how are these individuals obtaining an RAF commission?

Or are these in schools where, perhaps, a section officer or contingent commander is also fulfilling the role of SSI? I could see how a new unit might employ one person full time to do both jobs.

Or maybe we were commissioned before getting the SSI role? Perhaps through the ATC?

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Excuse my ignorance, but what is a SSI?

School Staff Instructor - an (IIRC) FTRS post supporting the CCF.


Not FTRS, not even military or CFAV really, just a school employee. Closest approximation to ATC would be maybe a WExO.

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Aren’t WExOs FTRS?

Not all of them. Some still are but they’re being replaced by civvies generally, who are then sometimes commissioned VRT to give them some military link.

Well, I am assuming you know, so you could just tell us. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: yes I am commissioned through ATC and I wear that rank as an SSI too.

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I’m also new here and I’m looking forward to learn from you guys.
what is a SSI? anyone :slight_smile: