How do you wear a green olive belt correctly?

I bought my MTPs including the green olive belt recently. I am having difficulties in making it tight and secure, if you just touch it it will come off.

There are several types/styles of olive green belt, which do you have?

Is your problem with the actual buckle? I assuem you are closing it incorrectly. The male part must go throught the large hole in the female part.

See picture:

If you are having problems keeping it tight, you need to use pliers on the keepers to pinch them a little bit.

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Aye. The new green belts are terrible. By keepers, do you mean the sliding metal things used to adjust? Butnuea taking a pair of pliers to then and pinching the tops and bottoms usually does it.

The way to wear the PCS belt correctly is to take it off and throw it in the bin.

It should then be replaced by a 58 pattern webbing belt from eBay.

That is all.

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Yes my problem is with the buckle

My belt is very similar to this except its olive green and no ridges or holes in the belt.

You mean the OG courlene belt?

See my picture. The male end goes through the female end from the inside.

Surely no one uses the green courlene anymore? Awful stuff.

Personally, I use one of the latest issue combat belts these days. It doesn’t have one of these buckles :D.

Yep. Bloo…damn awful thing.

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We haven’t been issued it in over 10 years. The basic belt we get is the green nylon webbing.

new MTP belts have velcro fastening. Much easier

There are actually two. One is velcro and the other has a plastic buckle.

That belt is weird. Someone’s taken a 90/95 pattern belt and added 58 pattern eyelets?!

I imagine it is just a modern reproduction.

The Male [as shown on the photo] is on the right side of your body, as said male enters female. Once you get the correct length for your body, move the slides as close to the buckle as possible. Remove the belt, place on ground, buckles upwards, gently place foot on the buckle and press down. The fold in the belt will tighten, and the slides will then almost touch the buckle. This will stop it from popping open :wink:

The male is always right… :wink:

I’ve seen a few of those “odd belts” kicking around. We had a load in a batch from Field Textiles several years ago.
Presumably they were a trail run.

I too suspect that the OP is not feeding the buckle through correctly and is simply trying to hook it on the front.
It’s a regular occurrence.

It isn’t a trial, it is a repro 58 belt.

It’s a pretty shoddy reproduction, it’s the wrong material and has the wrong attachment loops. I bet it is a trial run.