How do you get into FTS in AAFC? What if you live far away?

I’ve heard a lot about people from 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 1 Wing ask about going to FTS and how to get in even when your living somewhere 1000’s of Km away?

Do you reckon FTS will give you accommodation and training during the summer holidays if you live far away?

Morning, not saying you won’t find the answer here however this forum is primarily made up of British air cadets and staff.

Majority of us aren’t very clued up on how AAFC work unfortunately.

That said, I assume FTS is a flying training scheme? If so our system of flying scholarships allow for accommodation for the cadets.

Best of luck in going for it.

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Thanks mate!

Flight training school.

yeah, i just thought someone might know

Also, Thats the first readable emoji i’ve seen from this web