How do you fall out to receive an award on final parade?

How do u fall out to receive an award?

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Come to attention if you’re at ease and you would fall out as normal (right incline and March forward) once you approach the officer to is presenting the award you would in theory do an officer to the front salute (preform a halt, pause (2 counts at quick time (left, right)) then salute to the front (up 2 3 down) then step forward and receive your award (shake hands, pose for photo etc) return to attention with your award in your left hand and salute to the front ( up 2 3 down) pause (left right) then about turn and March back to your position in the squad( whilst not swinging your left arm as your award is in it). If the person is not an officer don’t salute and just pause at attention instead.

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What route do you take when going out to receive your award and then returning to your original position?

That would depend on your position within the squad. It is best if you have the room to have the squad at open order as it gives you room to fall out.

The he front rank would just fall out and march forward to the officer presenting.

My personal opinion is that the rear rank should fall out and march to the end of the rank and approach the front from the left of the squad, march around the rear of the squad to the front, if the squad is not at open order.

The centre rank you would have to fall out and make your way to the end of the rank and march around again I would approach from the left of the squad, check your arms mind, until your clear of the rank, if the squad isn’t at open order.

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Thanks, this has helped me a lot!

At our squadron we have been taught to do this:

  • If you are in middle or rear rank and not on either end, then you take a step back, perform a turn left or right depending on where you are and march up through the middle (check arms until outside flight.)
  • If you are middle or rear rank on end, then you incline left or right away from your squad or flight and march up to the front and to officer.
  • If we are in the the front rank we just incline and march forwards.

interesting - but everywhere is different based on available space.

for us

everyone inclines right and walks forward (centre and rear move to the right of the rank then forward) and march to the “front and centre”

to return, rear of the intended rank and step back in, with a “halt”.

The Corps adopted a “standard” procedure a few years ago. [sarcasm]They’ve written it in exactly the place you’d instinctively expect to find it… Annex C to ACTO 27 - which details the pre-Uniform and First Class drill assessments.[/sarcasm]

It’s written in the most awful, convoluted, overly-complicated way and there’s only limited logic to it.

In precis it’s as follows:

Front rank - March out. Receive. March back.

Centre and rear ranks - Turn right. “Move smartly” behind your rank until you clear the right flank - then start marching. Receive. March back via the left flank, behind your rank. Halt. Turn into line.

A bit more thought about it might have chosen a “standard” to be that no matter which rank you’re in you move out to the front of your rank - since in an ideal world (which is the only place that a standard procedure can apply) the squad can be at open order with plenty of space between ranks to move about.
In that case, why have some go out to the front, and others go out to the rear? It’s an unnecessary additional constraint.

Even in close order it makes no difference if the centre rank goes behind their own rank, or behind the front rank; and the poor cadets in the rear rank will presumably often have to go out through the rear wall of the hut like some broken computer game.

Yeah this way…

Might need to adapt slightly for the building size etc but a the right foundation

4 years later :laughing:, I think OP probably knows how to do it by now

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