How do you become national marching band staff after aging out

Hey just wondering for future as I’m in the national marching band, how does one become staff within it once aging out.

I would imagine it would be something like this:

Become a CFAV
Contact the Band Master

If you’re already in the band, you can have that conversation with the staff in advance while still a cadet - that would probably be a move that looks good on your part, plus you will get the best information from those already involved.

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I think theres a quota of staff for HQAC staff…you will need to become a CI on a Sqn first then reach out to the bandmaster

Knowing some people who play in orchestras and a variety of bands and ensembles, they try to keep as many youngsters involved as possible, because they have experience and ability and they get them to start helping any younger members.

Therefore once you’ve ticked the boxes, I can’t see them telling you to sod off, if you are at the right grade.

Do you play in orchestras etc outside the air cadets?
I’ve had a number of cadets who have played a variety of brass and woodwind who all played in local orchestras etc and a number still do and one of them a saxophonist gets paid, but due to the way the Wing music was set up never got involved.

Once you become a CFAV, you’ll need to spend a couple of years on a Squadron, ideally assisting with your Wing or Region bands and just generally getting experience as staff in the organisation.

I believe Wing/Region Music Officers are contacted each year asking about potential staff to join the team for the music camps so I’d contact them to indicate your interest.

As others have said above, it very much depends on how many staff are needed per camp. All HQ Music Services posts are currently full so you will need to become staff at sqn/wg/region level first.

After that, either email dom.marching, dom.concert, or to contact the directors of music and register your interest for the upcoming camps. If there is space, they won’t say no! We are always looking for new staff to get involved, particularly those that were involved as a cadet!