How do the badges work?/

im new to atc, i am wanting to get as much out of it as i soon will be too old. i need to know what the criteria for different badges are as my sqn do not really advertise it. for leadership badges do you just do a hyperthetical situation whilst being assessed (and is it the same going blue, bronze, silver gold) or do you have to do a course like i know you do in first aid…? and for dofe, what is the badge of the eagle about before you do your actual thing? what ios the criteria to get that badge?? shooting aswell- do i wait for my sqn to say when i can get badges for that or ask them if i want to progress with the badge? also whats the criteria for MOI? do i have to be a certain rank for the moi? and if not what do i need to do to get an moi?
sorry i know this makes no sense at all however i just dont want to embarress myself and ask all of this at sqn. thankyou to anyone in advance!!

Asking is nothing to feel embarrassed about. As a Service Instructor coming back after around 12 years away from the corps, a period in which there was a lot of change, if I see a badge I don’t recognise on a cadet’s brassard I just ask them about it.

So many questions… :wink:

There should be training posters available that show the different badges for the various activities.

DofE - look up on their website - one of the sqn staff should be the nominated DofE point of contact - ask them.

Shooting - you need to do a short training course & safety test for the rifle system that you will use, such as the .177 Scorpion air rifle, or the .22" L144 rifle. Then, you will have to refresh your safety test every 6 months.

For all activities, if you have access to Cadet Portal, you will be able to see what is available - bid accordingly, but bear in mind any relevant eligibility criteria. For example, for MOI, to be eligible for the course, cadets should be above First Class & have completed the presentation skills course at their unit.

A very good way to find out more is to ask more experienced cadets who have the different badges - how did they get them?

Start off slowly… You will benefit greatly from asking cadets & staff on your sqn.


The eagle badge is the pre-DofE badge, if you’re old enough to do DofE there’s really no point doing pre-DofE, I joined at 14 and went straight for my bronze for example. If you really want to do it then the criteria is in the blue badge logbook, as is the criteria for most other blue badges.

That’s assuming that the squadron delivers bronze DofE, a badge at any level is better than nothing; that’s almost saying I’m 15 so I’m going straight to Silver. Not every squadron/cadet does DofE at each level.

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Cadet Portal should tell you what you need to do to qualify for each badge.

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aren’t they supposed to?