How do i stand out?

Evening all.

I got my jnco course feedback, and im slightly confused about the personal note my staff added. They said that i should try to stand out because i mostly blend in with other cadets. The reason that i was sent on the course was because the jncos on my squadron and some cadets had recommended me and they also saw me fit for the position but that i have a lot of work to do and experience to gain. What i would like to know is how i stand out? Ive already helped with teaching drill, taking flights on parade, been on the drill team, done banner drill on rememberance sunday, and done some odd jobs here and there for staff. I think they may mean that i should stand out personality wise, like being more loud and confident? I just find it hard sonetimes as i want to stay in my lane. Just want to know if anybody knows any other ways that i could potentially stand out to staff?

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Hope you enjoyed your JNCO course.

Developing confidence takes time but is definitely something useful when going for promotions. I wouldn’t be concerned so much about “staying in your lane”, obviously be respectful & respect boundaries, but also to stand out you do need to push out of your lane in some regard.

As for standing out, come up with some ideas for running a night / teaching a lesson and ask if you can have a go at running them (e.g. running a First Aid Exercise night, with the first half being lessons to cover the second halfs ‘exercise’), plan out the timings, what staff are required, what quals are needed & the briefs for the night. Helping run nights will certainly put you in the limelight over other cadets. Don’t be disheartened if the staff / NCOs say no to the ideas though (it’s initiative either way); they should at least give feedback or direction.


It sounds like you already do a lot which is good, and it is being recognised by your NCOs and staff. I think what they’re looking for is for you to be a bit more experienced and diverse to maximise your potential. At the moment, it seems like you do a lot of drill based things which is brilliant and essential for a great NCO, but what else have you done?

Another big part of standing out is taking initiative. It is hard to explain but its about finding opportunities and doing things on squadron for the benefit of the squadron without being asked. That could be something as simple as volunteering for cleaning things, picking up rubbish, offering help when setting up a lesson, putting your hand up in lessons more to answer questions. Also ask your NCOs if you can have involvement in lessons they teach or suggest lessons. As mentioned, even if they say no, it shows commitment and initiative

What is sounds like to me is, you’re definitley on the right path to be promoted, you just need to become more involved overall and more rounded in what you do. That just takes time, experience, and practice


I think there maybe a simple answer to this. Go and ask the staff member what they mean.

You can dress this up as a question like “what do I need to do to gain promotion” or “can you give me some development points to work on”. When standing out is raised you can ask for an example. If standing out is not raised you can then raise it.


I already asked them what they meant. I still didnt understand what they meant, thanks for the advice though.

Standing out doesn’t have to mean being loud or brash, always pushing your own ideas forward, liking the sound of your voice, etc. you can stand out in your own way. Whatever your niche ‘thing’ is, do it well or do it a lot and you will stand out for that.

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Yes. Thats helpful, but they said that i do need to be a bit louder around squadron. I have been working on that though.

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Hello, I am a fellow Cadet.

I am in a similar situation to you. My advice would be that you should just be kind and support the other cadets and if the staff do not see it , then hopefully it will become clear to them that that is your nature, for example.

Our awards night is near, and there’s a new award where each cadet nominates a cadet who has supported or looked after/ helped them. If the majority is towards you or you receive credit for being a good “cadets cadet” then this will make you stand out…

DOn’t know if this makes sense at all, and I would like to wish you all the best @PigeonpatrolerFR


Thankyou for your advice. Thats very interesting! We do something similar on my squadron with the awards. I also wish you good luck @CDT_with_a_question

Remember, we were given one mouth and two ears …always use them in that ratio and you won’t go far wrong!
…As others have said, standing out is not just being the loudest !

One of the best ways to stand out is to be used as an example (A good one obviously!) …
…‘Look how Cadet X,Y, Z does it’ etc.
You will soon be noticed.

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