How can I prevent my beret from losing shape?

So I do shape my beret properly and well. Then a while after it dries my beret gradually starts to loose shape. How can I stop this?

roll it up when you’ve taken it off

There are various ways of keeping your beret in shape. I don’t roll up, mine is laid flat; no matter how it is thrown it lays flat and keeps its shape.

been rolling mine up for the best part of 30 years with no issues.

Leave it flat and it will look like an aircraft carrier!

Shape as usual.

Then apply thin layer of PVA glue with a wide modelling paintbrush. Air dry. Once it’s dry you will have to buff the PVA glue with a yellow duster to remove the dull white coating left by the PVA.

Of course this is absolute rubbish, and please do not PVA your beret.

Just keep shaping it, and eventually it will wear in.


Once again you are totally wrong. Everyone knows cement is much easier and has longer lasting results.


Maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong as I sprayed mine with starch

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Starch is ok as a quick fix. Cement is better in the long term.

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Did you iron it after the starch? There’s your problemS you have to have it set to mild heat, and make sure you use a mannequins head to really iron the curve onto it.

Gorilla glue (on the inside) is the way forward.


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