How can a female get a powerful drill voice?

I’ve been working on my drill calling, all of the female NCO’s on my squadron call commands quite quietly, but it gets the job done. I haven’t seen a female officer with a powerful voice for drill, and honestly I’d like to learn how.

I’ve had complaints from the neighbours due to the loud drill voice of my petite build 4’11” female cadet FS causing me lots of paperwork so it’s not a gender/sex limited ability.

It comes with practise & building of confidence. One technique I use is when the cadets are practicing commanding drill they wear ear defender as they natural raise their voice.

If you have the drill squad spaced further away then voice projection becomes a problem to solve & most quiet cadets pick it up quite quickly.

Having said that we don’t people who shout all the time provided they are firm & definite.

Hope this helps - the drill experts might have some other more technical tricks.

Fun fact - its generally agreed that female DIs are better at voice projection than male DIs


Start with fundamentals. The ICE technique.

Then work on that technique gradularly getting louder and try and make it come from the gut. Its a projection of voice none of this screamy shouty rubbish from the throat

My female FS won the best DI at the last Corps drill comp. Her voice projection was incredible. Emphasis on clarity rather than belting it out and she was more inclined to sing the commands than bark.

Here was the winning sequence if you want to hear the voice 2019 RAFAC Drill Championships - Foot Drill - YouTube

31 minutes in. 261 Sqn


As @AlexCorbin has said. Its voice projection not shouting.

Volume comes from the gut. The mouth just forms it into recognisable sounds.

There are many excellent videos on YouTube about how to strengthen voice projection. As this is what actors and alike have to learn.

Top tip… tell your parents first, so they dont come running when you start practicing!


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Don’t fall into the trap some do of trying to make your shouting voice more masculine and gruff, one female SNCO I knew as a cadet did this and it made her orders unintelligible.

Yeah I dont quite understand this growling stuff people seem to do

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it was so bad she gave an order during arms drill and I started slow marching when everyone else sloped arms. All I heard was “WRO WARR!”

It’s more that the human ear is more sensitive at that frequency.

It is not dependent on gender/identity/sex you don’t shout from you throat do it from you stomach