New on Air Cadet Central, so I hope this is the right place to post this.

We have an old hovercraft at our CCF, which does still work each summer but increasingly needs help after a long winter. It really needs some TLC - not just servicing but also a few repairs. We have the enthusiasm to get that going but I was just wondering if anyone here could possibly point me in the right direction for spares, knowledge, etc, or indeed if you could share your experiences/history with hovercraft in your section/squadron. I can find very little online about them, other than references on squadron/school websites along the lines of, ‘we have a hovercraft’.

Many thanks for any help.

Hoops, lots of hoops regarding insurance. Not covered under acp 300 and you need to contact the British hovercraft association.

Been on two units now, both have hovercrafts that would double up as awesome external paperweights.

That isn’t to say it can’t be done. Being CCF I don’t know your process, but guesswork would be your TEST staff could guide you in the right direction for the official word.

Swap it for a 3 axis flight sim.
Get the cadets airsick without leaving the ground.

Birdseed & I spent a happy 3 hours yesterday re-doing the Risk Assessment, Standing Orders, checklists, maintenance schedule &c from scratch. Time well spent, actually, as I (as the one signing off the RA on behalf of the headteacher) feel rather happier about it.

Advice on parts &c would be very welcome though if anyone has any leads. (Come to think of it, leads are one of the things we need… I’ll get my coat…)


I have one for sale! If anyone is intrested PM me.