HMS Bristol


Yes, I’ve always thought it slightly concerning that they’ve had cause to point that out…


Sorry to dredge this up again, but can someone send me the details I need to book (and any other things you think may be useful).

Pretty please with a cherry on top…


Same here please. Looks to be a very useful asset


PMs sent to @pEp & @Tornado


Me to, look like Bristol will be busy.


This is the joining information booklet which might contain useful information! You get given a copy when you book in on board, but some of it might be good to know in advance.

As I’m SCC, we use the Bristol regularly and I’ve run Unit camps using her for accommodation for the last couple of years.

Any questions and I’ll do my best to help.


That’s amazing thanks!


I’ve used HMS Bristol a few times mainly just as accommodation while we do cultural stuff. Would be interesting to hear what activities are available for cadets down that way, especially if you have any Navy contacts that could get us into things like the Damage control/flooding compartment that they have down there?