Historic Sexual Abuse Audit


The Government has just put up some money for safeguarding training within the Charity Sector as well as part funding a study into Bullying.

There seems to be a correlation between the two, as bullying is simply a milder form of abuse, both being an act committed by one or more individuals against someone of lesser status.

Not sure how to categorise the victim in relation to the abuser/bully but you know what I mean.

Indeed this can happen, and I am sure school teachers have to face that problem. Difficult but essential to be able to recognise the signs and not place oneself in a situation where one might be compromised. The devil comes in all shapes and forms as the good book would have us all believe.

One thing for sure, the ATC tends to be in denial until something has gone beyond the point of no return, but the worst is to claim totally robust systems which are foolproof and would not allow anything to happen anyway.


The irony is as soon as you say something is robust or foolproof something happens to prove otherwise.

I’m not sure it’s denial as much as feeling among the unwashed at HQAC etc that the ATC is special and above the normal fallibilities of systems and frailties of people in the organisation. Which a few reports, do as we all know, blow this idea out of the water.