Historic Sexual Abuse Audit


Thought this was worth creating an account for! Long time spent browsing the forums, but never needed to create an account.

I was just looking through whatdotheyknow on the MOD bit (as you do) and came across this https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/ethica_solutions_audit_into_hist

Certainly makes for an interesting read.

Thought this would make an interesting discussion point, as certainly from my wing (no I’m not giving away clues!) we haven’t seen many, if any, of the suggested changes mentioned in this audit.


This whole post screams dodgey.


Or a journalist fishing?


My thoughts exactly at it being dodgey @bob

Not the most cunning attempt I’ve ever seen.


Joebloggs: Are you a journo fishing?


If you say no then all is okay, we will tell you all you want to know and more. :wink:


Mr Journalist. Sir, respectfully I am not in a position to be able to comment on this matter. Please direct any enquiries or request for comment to the media office, HQ Air Cadets, RAF Cranwell.



NO ISSUE is of greater importance than child safety in our Organisation. END.

This is why we have robust procedures in place.

If you are a cadet or parent may I kindly suggest you approach your Squadron CO for any questions to the chain of Command.

If you are a CFAV may I kindly point you to ACP 4, and ACP chapter 4 Annex A. Speak to your CO or again Chain of Command for Answers.

If you are a journalist, Please be mindful that this online forum is used also by cadets of ages 12 to 19 and therefore some may find the content of linked material distressing.

I would further kindly reccomend you direct any further questioning if a journalist to the RAFAC press office.

Moderators, suggest locking?


Not a journalist, a fellow volunteer. Although I have no way of proving that I guess.

I’m more interested in other people’s view on it. I was personally quite surprised, as reading makes it seem like there is potentially quite a lot of room for improvement in us as volunteers delivering the cadet experience, in a safer way. But for once, not health and safety.

I’ve always been concerned about the safeguarding training in the organisation anyway. (Or lack there of) is having a couple of hours every 3 years really good enough?

I don’t know; if you think I’m a journalist that’s okay. Not sure how to prove otherwise…


As a CFAV, if you have questions or concerns regarding safeguarding or training, after reading ACP4 your first call should be to your CPO or WExO.

An open forum featuring cadets is not a suitable place for discussion, due to the potential for misinformation or miscommunication. I’m sure there will be a lot of inflated senses of expertise.


“A meeting place for the discussion of formal and serious Staff related issues regarding the Air Cadets Organisations.”

It’s a serious issue that I think does need discussing, and seeing this audit just made that more apparent.


As he was asking about policy not an actual issue the CoC via Sqn CO is the correct way to go. They can better direct policy questions to CPO or WEXO.

If a current safeguarding issue then yes, refer direct to CPO or WEXO after ACP 4.


Contact Wing CPO informing your Sqn CO you are doing so. As this is a policy issue.



I shouldn’t have implied to cut the OC, but ultimately the enquiry should sit with the relevant SMEs, yes.

@JoeBloggs it is a serious matter, so serious that leaving it open to conjecture, guesswork, and rumour on an open forum wouldn’t be appropriate.


It’s probably worth adding that 90% of us on here are anonomyised by our usernames.

So anything you could report @JoeBloggs would simply be viewed as hearsay.


All jokes aside, it’s probably worth just closing this thread.


I would think so.

Ultimately, all I really need to know is:

  1. If it’s an emergency, call 999
  2. If it’s not an emergency, call the Wg CPA for advice


Perhaps then you should take part in HQAC’s Child Protection Courses that are ran very informative and very straight forward, explaining what you as a CFAV should do regarding safeguarding.

as said already If you want to know more about the changes or get involved with helping them you should contact your Wing Child protection officer or WXo and discuss with them


easy - use the @aircadet.org address you have access to to email an admin/moderator or other