Hi, new here

Hi all.
I’ve been a CI with my local squadron for a few months now, having become involved after my daughter joined. Signed up here to research more about uniformed roles as it’s time to consider where I want my future to head within the organisation.
Got to say, I find the software/format of the forum a bit confusing but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.


Firstly, a warm welcome. Secondly - watch out. You’ll shortly get lots of people with very negative attitudes posting below “warning you” about choosing uniform service and how CIs are not valued. Ignore them and you’ll do fine.

Have you had any previous Military experience? How have you found the past few months?

Is there any areas of the ATC you enjoy more than others?

Fellow CI here, you don’t need to rush into uniform you know… Stay strong. don’t go over to the dark side! :wink:

You will get used to be format, regular users are still getting used to the change, it’s a bit of a touchy subject :wink:

Thanks for the welcome guys.

My experience of the military extends to some time in the TA when I was younger. As a kid I was a cadet at ACF, and later did a short spell as a CFAV but sadly it didn’t work out when I changed jobs and couldn’t make the time commitment. So, basically, lots of ‘green’ experience but not so much ‘blue’. That being said, my current full time job for another uniformed public sector organisation has given me plenty of experiences around things that go bang. Probably explains why my personal interests within the corps revolve around the shooting, drill, fieldcraft and general hands on stuff (NOT hands on the cadets themselves!!!). I’ll honestly say I know stuff all about aircraft and flying, it’s something I hope to change through research and self teaching, but if you told me now that aircraft only fly because they’re being lifted by a gang of invisible unicorns then I’d not be able to disprove it. Lol.

I think the role of CI is absolutely vitally essential to the corps. From what I’ve seen, the depth of knowledge and experience held by most of the CIs I’ve met is phenomenal. For me, however, I’m finding it strange being in civvies, delivering lessons and helping out, when it’s essentially a uniformed organisation. I feel I should be in uniform too, that the cadets and the parents expect it, if you know what I mean. I’m not interested in the commission status, the cap badge, or lording it up in the mess, I want the cadet’s experience to be the best it can be where it comes to my involvement and what I can do for them. As an adult Sgt in the ACF I experienced the politics, the in-house back stabbing and bitching, the tantrums from the ‘grown ups’, and the walts. I expect it will be much the same here in the ATC, I sincerely hope not, but sadly I expect it will be. Personally, and that is all it is, I feel I should be looking at a uniformed role. Hence I’m here, looking more into it, to make an informed decision based on more than just what I’ve seen at sqn. Ultimately, if it’s not for me I’m more than happy to stay a CI.

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The main thing is to get involved (be that delivering or just being there in a making up the numbers supporting role) so that the cadets get the best experience possible. i know people who shy awsy from the supporting jobs as they think they are too important. The most important people in the organisation are the cadets; no cadets = no organisation. If a member of staff at any level forgets this time to move on.

There are also a number of ‘adminy’ jobs (like you may have found within the TA & ACF) that aren’t glamourous but have to be done, which if you help with or do, will stand you in good stead and help to understand how the sqn and wider organisation ‘works’ whether you’re a CI or not.

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