Hi how do i register for a charity number for a squadron and what information is required ? thanks

I trying to register a squadron for charity and gift aid any help or tips would be most welcome.

Why do you need to do that? Your charity excepton number covers you for most things including gift aid.

As Prune says, each squadron has an Excepted Charity Number, so you don’t need to register the squadron as a charity, as it already is. Your Wing HQ will be able to provide you with your Excepted Charity Number if you don’t already have it.

There have been issues in the past with some organisations failing to understand what an Excepted Charity is, but that is absolutely not insurmountable (an Excepted Charity is one that is legally overseen by a large governmental or quasi-governmental organisation instead of the Charities Commission - in our case the MoD). There are various threads on this topic, so have a search of the forum.

If you’re pulling in over £100k a year, then you’ll need to be registered separately. I think that’s the right figure but to be honest if you’re gaining that much money a year something’s up…