Hexamine Stoves

Are Cadets permitted to cook food on Hexamine Stoves? I understand that they are not allowed to use Trangias now unless the instructor has been on a particular course.

If you still have them, hexamine is fine. But it is no longer issued, the new stoves use a form of gel fuel.

I am not aware of any trangia handling test…

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The hexi user’s course? :smiley:

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Trangias are still very much in play and there is no official limitation on who can train them.

There is a strong push in many areas not to use Meths and to use the Gas Converters instead on a basic safety principle.

Another alternative is to use gel fuel with them. Gas is probably quicker though.

Who in gods name doesnt use gas for expeds now!

We are not taking cadets up Everest… so altitude isnt a factor.

Gas is, safer, easier, lighter and more convenient.

Move on people, gas for expeds, hexi or gel for FT.



Lots of units have never updated their kit. I make it clear when I run multi-unit stuff that it’s Gas only.

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Fixed that for you.


Money for us I guess. We have boxes and boxes of trangias and no one has replaced them with gas cookers. Also, some people seem to be scared of gas as if it is more dangerous, when it really isn’t.

Personally I dislike trangias immensely - speaking as duty holder - although we do still have some. Alarm bells started to ring when they mandated a specific type of meths filler bottle to avoid flashback.

PS I’m delighted by the loss of hexamine as the stores no longer smell like they are infested with mice.


The gas conversion for the tranga is great. boils the little kettle in about 2 minuites. I do suspect the heat from the gas stove will melt the pans of a tranga if they are put on empty.

I used Hexamine on my gold DofE in the 1980s. Its what i could afford and was better than the sqn option of a camping gaz stove with mess tins.

That is of course, if your parent unit will issue you ration packs and cookers…

That followed an incident where a Cadet was burned and is around the same time that we all converted to gas.

Hope he/she was ok?

Worth noting that DTE mandate (or did) that only hexi/it’s replacement can be used for cooking on their land.

Everyone ignores that of course, jetboils are de rigour on training areas, but you do need to be aware of the rules.

Personally I wouldn’t bother with a trangier as they are ludicrously bulky and the meths is both a pain in the backside and terrifyingly slow. Gas is, imv, the easiest/quickest method, but hexi does have the advantage of simplicity.

Even if that is a rule, I wouldn’t worry about it. The only time people use the issue cooker is when it is their first time out and they don’t know better or are forced to use them as “training”.

Gas Converter all the way!

here to here to gas conversion.

Trangia may be bulky for one user, but for a group of three or four only using boil in the bag stuff then it cant be beat for ‘group’ kit. virtually cadet proof, bar losing the darn handle!

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