Here's something to keep your cogs turning this holiday!

With all the grumbling that’s been going on lately, here is something else to get frustrated by!
The King William’s College, Isle of Man, has posted their annual general knowledge quiz!

The paper is made up of 18 themed sections, with 10 questions in each, and is considered by The Guardian to be the toughest quiz of the year!

Answers are posted on the King Willian’s College website in January.
How many can you get right?

“general knowledge”?? :confused:

General knowledge, my posterior! I thought that my knowledge was obscure, I couldn’t have got many at all, I get a better hit rate watching University Challenge.

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Well each section has a different theme, some themes are given, some require a bit more work . . .
I did say it was tough. . .

It’s certainly the most pompous quiz I’ve ever seen.

I wouldn’t have called it pompous, maybe requiring having rather niche knowledge and obscure thought patterns… I think I have a couple more answers now.