Hemming Skirts

Hello, I’m finally loving from trousers to a skirt, but the skirt I’ve been issued is too long. How do I hem it?

Use wonder web. Measure the length to ensure it is correct, then place the wonder web inside the upturned bit of the skirt, and iron in. The wonder web is like glue & will hold the material together.

Or just do it the old fashioned way with needle & thread.

If you are concerned about doing it properly, pop along to your local dry cleaners. Most do simple alterations quite cheaply.

Sewing is certainly preferable to using wonder web which leaves a horrible, sticky, mess should you ever need to adjust the hem again.

Once you’ve learned the skill, sewing a hem is quick, easy, and smart.
It’s far easier to show someone in person than to explain it here, so I’d suggest you ask someone at the Squadron to teach you or try your luck with youtube videos. There must be loads.

I’d say ask mum or nan rather than someone at the squadron. I can’t believe that even modern mums and nans can’t show people this. My wife has shown all the kids how to sew by hand and machine.
Then there is school. I’m sure the average fabrics teacher would be delighted to show you and allow you to use the school sewing machines, if mum hasn’t got one.

As for wonderweb if you do it properly the ‘sticky mess’ doesn’t show if you need to redo.

As for quick, using a needle and thread is not a quick way and smart depends on the regularity of the stitching. It can look bad on trousers and skirts a disaster.

It is however worth bearing in mind that uniform comes in sizes which don’t ft the majority properly and if the trousers are anything to go by not really designed to be adjusted by the amateur.

Let me reiterate the main point… “Once you’ve learned the skill…”.

I can hem a skirt with needle and thread quicker and more neatly, with no stitches showing on the right side, than the average cadet can heat up an iron and muck about with wonder web.

Basic sewing is a useful skill to have.

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I won’t deny this, but why should the ATC (as implied) be the place to learn it? Parents and schools are better people to do this.

my mother always said the Scouts should teach “sewing” as the first badge to then save the parents sewing on any future badges…

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Given we’re gettiing closer to the Scouts in what are able to do, it’ll probably appear in the next revision of the Basic cadet training.


They can learn it wherever, but realistically we’re the most likely cause in their lives for them to need it.
I’m not suggesting that we offer advanced needlepoint or quilting, but they need to be able to sew on badges, buttons, fix minor issues. If Mum or Dad always does it they’re going to be out of luck when they go on camp.
That would certainly be a skill which will be useful in the services and in civilian life.

The reason I say “ask someone at the squadron” is because there’s bound to be someone there who knows how to do it.
Certainly if they can get that help at school or at home then fine.

I got given a big skirt but they don’t have a skirt my size. I was wondering if I could shorten the skirt length and make it fit at the waist?

Alterations to the length are kind of expected when a skirt is issued. I can see no issues with making alterations to the waist either, if they are required.

To alter the waist would I have to go to like a shop were They do these things?

that would depend on your own sewing skills…

Most dry cleaners also offer an alterations service if your sewing skills are not up to snuff.

Okay thank you