Helpdesk not actually helping


Anyone actually had anything from the helpdesk over the last few months?

I have about 5 requests ranging from issues with Ultilearn (so cadets can’t take exams), change requests, issues with Sharepoint all sat waiting. No responses at all - i have added comments to chase but either I’m being ignored or the system isn’t working.

Anyone else?


They do seem to be slower at resolving Helpdesk actions at the moment, but I’m putting it down to the work they are putting in to developing the new events module for SMS and Cadet Portal.

Clarify, I have had a few items actioned in the past couple months.


I’m afraid I’m in the same boat, no feedback. I had an e-mail saying my issue had been updated but, for the life of me, I couldn’t work out what had changed.


Oh how I wish I could be allowed to get away with not doing something because I’m doing something else. Frankly it doesn’t matter what else is going on they should be sorting people’s problems out.


And yet, when you’re a team of two or three people(?) supporting 10000 adult volunteers and the 38000 cadet accounts . . . while doing the development work?

Things are going to slide.


So, helpdesk priorities are cunningly prioritised by priority - so if your ticket is of a low priority, it is going to take longer.

The development work that is ongoing does not impact the helpdesk stack as that is done by other members of staff. Best advice I can give is to telephone the helpdesk and ask for an update on your specific cases…