Help with Units Permissions of Flt Lt

So my Flt Lt and i where trying to figure out how to give myself(training officer) permission to upload the training programme . As when i click the green training programme box it doesnt do anything and i was told i need oc permission but we cant actually find which option it is exactly on the permissions? So anyone know how to do this at all? thanks

I don’t know what permissions you need or how to assign them, but I can confirm you definitely don’t need OC permissions. I’ve uploaded several and not the OC, training officer, or any of the exec. roles.

Uploading files to Units is currently broken and the Bader Team have been aware and working on a fix for the past 2 weeks.

aright ok do we know when its meant to be reaolved yet or will we be told even when it is fixed?

we don’t know, and I don’t know

Latest release notes say it is fixed

yes it is working now