Help out 1216 Squadron

Hello All,

1216 Squadron in Eastleigh are having a vote off on Asda’s Green Giving website. Link below, you know what to do:

Green Tokens - Vote | Asda



Maybe we could have a ‘post fundraising things you’ve seen online here’ thread? Especially as a lot of these now rely on number of votes/likes/shares

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Voted, looks like the scouts have jumped way ahead. Definitely worth pushing it out on every social media channel you can find.

Make it so!

Voted the scouts…I’m sorry but with all the new badges we have gotten in the last year or so I got confused *Joke :grimacing:

Voted and shared link with our Sqn to vote :wink:


Did you know you can vote every 7 days?

Time to get those voting fingers back out!

Vote RAFAC1216

Those little ladies have made a hell of a fight back there!

See if you can hit the commandant up social media and get him sharing the link too? :smiley:



This is an excellent idea.