Help! Officer No.1 Trousers Needed!

I wanted to ask a quick question of you of the forum.

Where is the best place to get (pref second hand) officer no.1 trousers?

As much as I love my children, my three year old nicked a perm marker from my desk, and seeing mummy use a vanish bleach pen, thought he’d try it…on my trousers in the wash basket!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated! :mad:

I understand that there may be a colour mismatch due to the cloth used, but I need to get something sorted ASAP!

Btw, if anyone has a pair that they want to sell, I’m a 40"W, 32" inside leg.


Well then we have an excellent member of Staff who runs our Squadron Stores and being an EX RAF clothing storeman he is extremley useful and has an exellent relationship with our Parent Unit Supply Squadron so can usualy get issues like this sorted.

Unfortuanately I am doubting you are that lucky otherwise you wouldnt be asking, I have contactedim for you, he tells me he would hapily help you out however we have nothing suitable in our care but advises you try asking Your Parent unit Clothing Storeman very nicely if they may have anything in their PWS (Part Worn Servicable) stock that may be of use.( A friendly chat and maybe some nice choccie Hob Nobs for teabreak may help.

Other options could be to see whether on of the more reputable dry cleaners can do anyting to help,
Or maybe contacting the Tailors at Cranwell to see if they have anything on a second hand rail. However as you point out there may be some serious diffence in colour match as a Officer No1 uniform is all made out of one piece of cloth.

For a different approach, have a go at blotting the ink out with alcohol, meths or rubbing alcohol should be a fine start…
Wet the stain with the alcohol, then blot with a clean sheet of kitchen paper to absorb it. Try that a few times. Once it’s out, wash the area with water and leave it to dry. Then see how it looks.
You’ve got little to loose.

I once did my own spot ‘dry-cleaning’ to remove a large line of white paint from my heavyweight No 2 trousers using white spirit. Worked a treat.

Thanks for all those suggestions.

I’ll try to clean first, then resort to sourcing if need be.

On an unrelated note, how long should the three year old be nailed to shed door? Two days enough? Tried looking in ACP 4, but its very vague… :whistle: