Help im not allowed to shave

I’ve been going to cadets for 2 years now with slight signs of facial hair, however recently it’s been growing faster. My problem is that I need to shave it but my parents wont allow me to because they think I’m too young. I was wondering on what to do

Firstly welcome to ACC!

Next step, explain the situation to your staff, we’re not all that scary!


That’s a staff to parent convo… Or you could grow a beard… If you can do it in 2 weeks

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Have you spoken to Sqn staff about this?

I’m.sure they will understand. Perhaps ask your Sqn adult WO or adult NCO to speak with your parents? They might be able to explain it in reference to the uniform rules.

Alternatively, buy a shaving razor and gel and crack on.

Shadow the comments above about speaking to your unit staff. They’ll be happy to offer advise.

Failing that if you don’t want to go to them, then maybe speak to your cadet NCOs to bridge the gap. It’s what they’re there for.

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In my opinion any cadet cannot be made to shave regardless or regs. They are minors and not subject to the military law. Yes there is a uniform and a standard we ought to maintain but in that case every staff member wearing uniform in the corps shoes are not to standard. If parents don’t allow they don’t allow. Just tell your unit staff to take this with your parents.

If your parents won’t allow you to shave then there is nothing really that we do. Depending on your staff and how much facial hair you have it may be that you will not be permitted on camps/visits that take place on RAF stations and possibly not allowed on formal parades but we can’t force you to shave. The staff need to know though why you’re not shaving so talk to them, they won’t bite.

That being said you must be 14 at least now if you’ve been in 2 years. Maybe it’s just because I’ve needed to shave since I was 11 but I think your parents are being a bit OTT to say that at 14 you’re too young to shave.


They aren’t subject to military law, but they are subject to the rules of the club, not conforming to hair or grooming standards is against the rules of the club and the standards set. We can’t go about physically shaving them (it’s not the 1979’s when that sort of thing was acceptable) but we can refuse to allow them to attend until they conform to those standards and is it any different to having a Cadet that insists on wearing neon green socks. (This is of course the Nuclear option).

Now the correct way of doing that is by having the conversation with the Cadets parents and explaining the facts of life to them, since it’s not the Cadet who is refusing to shave.

I’ve had this before and always managed to explain it to the Parents over a cup of Tea and a biscuit.


At almost 32 I struggled grow face fluff!


I’m putting in for a transfer. I never get offered biscuits. Or tea. And I have to wear my hat.


It’s also worth pointing out that the idea that shaving makes facial hair grow thicker is a myth. (Alex appears to be the proof of that.)

My beard didn’t start to even think about filling out properly until I stopped shaving.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Been a while since I actually laughed out loud at work :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


For the record I can grow a beard… (@Farmerdan can vouch for the that)… It just takes a long long patchy time

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I aim to please.

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