Helmets and fieldhats

Hello again ACC’ers.

Looking to increase our fieldcraft kit at the squadron. Already got new webbing / vests and bergans coming.

Does anyone know if they ACF Mk1 or Mk2 helmets are any good to use, or if I should steer clear?

I do not have any experience with the Mk2 helmet (didnt even know it existed!)

But i do know the MK1 has a shelf life of 3 years. Make sure you get new ones.

Allowable? Yes.

Good? No (from what I understand from ACF instructor feedback).

Pointless? Largely.

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Had a look at some of the Mk 2 not long back. Largely useless apart from trying to look the part.

I wouldn’t bother and stick to bush hats or similar, spend the money on other kit.


If you must buy a helmet, use the Mk2. The mk1 is utter garbage. The mk2 is a bit better, especially the cover. If well cammed it can actually look ok. Personally I think a good bush hat is much better. There is no real need to wear the helmet unless you are going to be doing a bit of door kicking.

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Are they still lifed to 3 years? Because that would make them phenomenally expensive if they are.

No idea. I only make cadets wear them if I am made to do so. Otherwise, I don’t even request them on the stores list.


Yup, wouldn’t bother with helmets, definitely stick to floppy hats.

Not least because I’d far rather invest in, and the cadets have and can carry, a softy jacket or more water, both of which are both more useful that helmets, and unlike helmets, allow the cadets to stay out longer.

Personally, I love my MTP hat - especially when I want to feel like a German Tank Commander!!!



I’d never even heard of these “cadet” helmets until now. I had to google…
Wow… That looks comfy as hell :confused:

£60 with a life of only three years.
Anyone who really wants a helmet would be better off grabbing a Mk6A or even a Mk7 from eBay for the same money.

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Problem is that proper ones are too heavy for Cadets so can’t wear them

Why the shelf life?

That was based on the original Mk6 helmet; modern helmets are much lighter. I can’t see any problem with cadets wearing virtus helmets but it is going to be a few years before they are at the current Mk7 prices.

It has some bump protection rating that means it has a limited life. Ironically not enough bump protection to be used for climbing or anything else useful.

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So to recap, compared to - say - a Camp Rockstar helmet with a cover, it is more expensive, has a shorter life and is far less useful? Sounds like a triumph of government procurement that!


If anyone can recommend a good supplier of bush hats (the small brim SF type rather than the issue jungle hat), that would be a great help. If they are IRR it’s a bonus.

I’m an FCI and a serving Soldier so my views may be a bit skewed.

Can’t see the point in wearing a brain bucket as the kids aren’t likely to be doing anything that really requires it. Boonie hats are a better bet tbh.

On the issue of helmets though I firmly believe that the Cadet Helmet is a water of money and time. There are a shed load of Mk 6a and 7 helmets out there and they aren’t that heavy. H&S gone mad, but the rules are the rules. Still don’t agree with that.

The Cadet Helmet is basically a Viper M88 airsoft (sorry for swearing) bump lid and they are only about £30 so can’t understand how they are getting away with charging 60 quid! Even if you consider the cover its ludicrous to charge that much.

So basically if you’re doing FC I’d stick to a soft cap, boonie, craphat or even a baseball cap.

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We sometimes do stuff in urban areas so it is a little different, but yes the cadet helmet is rubbish.

I don’t see why they didn’t just use some off the shelf airsoft FAST helmet. They offer padding and bump protection and manage to both be more comfortable and look better than the cadet helmet. I’ve seen some CCFs use them instead of the cadet ones. Looks much better.

Another point is that the cadet ones as they are now were only supposed to be a stop gap measure. The idea was to wait until the Mk 8 (read virtus) helmet was out and then make a bump version of that. Hasn’t happened yet.

Can’t wait to take my lot through the FIBUA village at Cilieni!

I agree totally, there are a shedload of far cheaper lids out there and tbh it’s someone that’s seen an opportunity to make a fast buck out of the cadet forces.

I’ve seen all sorts in use by the ACF. Including one lad that wears a US issue MICH with the ACF cover…

The issue lids aren’t that heavy. But that’s just me.

Where does this urban stuff fit in the ATC activities considering they lack behind the ACF with regards to fieldcraft?