Hi everyone

Thought that I would drop in a quick intro post to say hello and provide some background information.

As the name suggests I’m an ex-regular Army Musician who served for 7 years from 1999 to 2006. Having gone off to university and been back on Civvy street for a while I felt that strange itch (no, not that type of strange itch), that I wanted to get back into uniform in some way as well as work with young people interested in the Forces.

So after considering the options I signed up with the ATC and I’m attending BASIC in the near future. Hopefully I should also be starting with my Squadron pretty soon as well.

As well as all the music stuff I’m really interested in Adventurous Training/D of E and Field Craft. I’ve done quite a bit of hiking/walking in the UK and completed the Ridgeway National Path last year in six days, camping each night. Luckily the squadron I’m joining are in need of an AT Instructor and they are starting up a band, so happy days.

Questions welcome, or just drop by and say hi!

Hi, and welcome!

Sounds like you’ve found a good fit of a squadron :slight_smile:

[quote=“MattB” post=17189]Hi, and welcome!

Sounds like you’ve found a good fit of a squadron :)[/quote]

Here, here!
Agreed. Always good when you can find a good Sqn straight away.

Hi and welcome to ACC!


Hi Guys

Thanks for the welcome. It certainly does seem that I’ve been quite lucky as when I went to the Wing Open evening I wasn’t actually assigned to a Squadron. It was only through talking to the Officer that interviewed me, and meeting a member of the CivComm that was also at the Open Evening, that I was able to find out about the vacancy and make a choice.


I would be interested to know which wing you’re in, just cause I’m nosey. Feel free to say no (or reply via PM).

I hope you find your stay useful.

Evening! Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile: