Hello from First Welsh Wing!


Hi, I only just joined cadets yesterday in (removed) squadron with a couple of friends. I was looking around for stuff to do with cadets and I came across this. I hope I’ll fit in!


Welcome Jacobthefox. If you’re willing to have a go at everything presented to you, I’m sure you will get on just fine. I wish you a long and happy time with First Welsh Wing.


Thanks! Yep, everything that is thrown at me I will have a go at.


Just on a point of pedantry it’s No.1 Welsh Wing not First Welsh Wing.


Welcome! As others have said, take every opportunity and make the most of it. Any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

By the way, i’d be wary about posting your sqn no online for a number of reasons.


Alright, will keep that in mind


Yeah, I don’t think about a lot of the stuff I post online haha. Just removed it. Thanks.